We provide services for owners of condominiums, townhouses, single family homes, mobile homes, and estate homes.


Initial Survey & Regularly Scheduled Property Checks

  • Bonded and insured

  • Member of Florida Home Watch Association

  • The Initial survey provides a "baseline" condition of your home.  Includes a complete set of pictures of the interior and exterior of your home.

  • Property checks can be customized to fit your needs and your schedule

  • Detailed / itemized electronic reporting with photos

  • Electronic report is delivered immediately upon completion of each check

  • We call for any urgent issues such as leaks, signs of break and enter, high humidity

  •  Maintenance Items are noted, in red, on the report

  • Network of trustworthy, licensed contractors 

  • Ability to view dashboard with reporting and billing information 24-7


  • We close rolling shutters, accordion shutters or Bermuda shutters.  WE DO NOT install shutters or other hurricane protection.  You must be a licensed handyman to install storm protection.  We have several handyman services that we recommend.  We suggest finding a handyman now because if you wait until a storm is forecast for the area, you may not be able to find anyone.   Beach City will confirm that the storm protection was installed and send a photo.  We ask that you provide the name and number of the person(s) that will be installing the shutters so we can communicate with them accordingly.

  • Documentation of the condition of the home and property before and/or after a storm occurs.  The Pre-Hurricane Survey  includes  a complete set of exterior and interior photos of the home and property.  Clients that have Home Watch services will already have a complete set of photos .

  • Storm protection confirmation

  • Utility Check

  • Post storm surveys check for, and documents any damage to the exterior or interior of the home.

  • Network of trustworthy, licensed contractor recommendations for any post storm clean up or repairs

  • Provide access to your home and property when you are not there (ie: contractors, etc.)

  • Accept deliveries

  • Special requests 

  • Secure home and property upon departure

  • Immediately call for serious situations and respond to further instructions

  • Send an electronic report documenting who was on your property, what occurred, and the current status and security of your home and property


All keys are coded and stored in a security safe.



Special requests are highly encouraged, as it is our pleasure to provide comprehensive home support services.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements at: 941-525-8190 or

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